Gesture Call! Call text your contacts with a simple gesture on your screen. Tired of searching your frequently used numbers on your contact list ? Well, here is your solution, Gesture Call ! Call or text to any contact you want drawing a simple gesture on the screen of your device. For instance, draw an M to call Mark or maybe a heart to call your boyfriend/girlfriend. Just like this you'll be calling anyone you want ! The steps are simple: 1. Select a contact 2. Create a gesture for him/her Now, you can call this contact anytime you want just by drawing this gesture on the main screen ! YOU CAN CREATE AS MANY GESTURES AS YOU WANT !! Still not confident with your drawing skills? No problem, until you decide to change it, Gesture Call will ask you for confirmation before performing any call. You can also use a notification bar icon to access Gesture Call anytime while using your device. Gesture Call can be configured with a different themes! Features: • Call or text with a gesture • Simple, easy and fast interface • Unilimited gestures • Notification bar icon (optional) • Themes • Custom confirmation delay (if any) Gesture Call is available in: •English •Spanish •French •Catalan •Japanese •Thai •Italian •German •Chinese •Malay •Korean •Russian Tags: call, calls, quick, quick call, easy, gesture, fast, cool, widget, gesture search,call one click.

Gesture Call

Gesture Call

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