Full catalog of mathematical formulas at 11th school level to help you conducting your daily homework. Easily accessible thanks to its simple navigation and sequence, it's a very useful tool for students, teachers and professionals because, in case of doubt, the formula allows you to confirm before executing. There are no explanations or theoretical summaries are given because are known. Only it's a simple table that seeks its highest power usage through the simplicity and mathematical rigor. The application is multilingual automatically detected by the base language from your android, but you can change it through the settings. Currently is in English, Spanish and Catalan. YOU CAN HELP US TRANSLATING IT TO YOUR LANGUAGE (How inside) This version is funded by ads of their sponsors. If you do not want to have ads on the application, you can purchase the PRO version at a very low price. Help us to improve this tool! THANK YOU! Agenda included: - Roots and exponentials - Trigonometry - Vectors in the plane - Complex Numbers - Lines - Plane Geometry - Polynomials - Sequences and limits - Logarithms - Combinatorial - Statistics - Probability

Maths 11th FREE

Maths 11th FREE

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