PvGPS is used for maintenance tasks in PV installations by determining the PV output power of the system, the daily energy production, the clear-sky global solar radiation and other parameters associated with solar position from GPS data. The calculation of these parameters allows the user to know if the PV plant is working properly. In the case the application is used in fixed PV installations where no tracking system is implemented, these data help the user check if the PV module support structures are correctly oriented, and offer him an overview of the power loss due to the non-tracking installation. Note1: The scientific equations used for calculating temperature effect on the PV modules have demonstrated in literature to provide optimal results for poly/mono crystalline based modules, but no reference for thin film modules is purveyed. Note2: The app calculates the theoretical maximum for installations with solar tracking system, considering that the modules are always oriented towards the sun. Accordingly, the real production for fixed installations will always be smaller than the production estimated by the app. Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan. LITE version has several limitations. Get the full version and obtain the following features: 1) No advertising. 2) No limits number of installations. 3) No limits number of PV subgroups for each installation. 4) Possibility of exporting the database into a JSON file. 5) Restoring database from a previous backup file. 6) Transfer databases between users.

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