Launch installed applications quick.
Share the application with a friend or access the application information quickly through Quick Search options.
Start by writing application name or company* and launch by selecting it in less than 5 seconds**
The free version can be found at

Future Features:
- Last applications started and most launched widget
- Search documents
- Auto detect mistakes write
* Company name must be included in the package name of the application.
** Tested on Nexus S and LG E510 devices using only 3 characters as search criteria
Jaume Singla Valls
0,50 €

Mida: 194k MB
Versió: 1.5
Dispositiu: 2.2 i posteriors
Última actualització: 21 setembre de 2012
Classificació: Per a tothom

Web del desenvolupador:

E-mail del desenvolupador:


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