The last thing you want when on a picnic is to have insects attack your picnic hamper. All you can do is watch helplessly, or at the most swat at them with a twig. But fret not, for in Save the picnic, you can squash the pesky insects with a tap on the screen. You have all the works set up; a lovely table cloth with a typical picnic snack spread on it. The wasps and bees come from both the left and right sides, so be on your guard. If you are not fast and careful enough, they will finish up your food. As the game progresses, they come faster and in more numbers, so you have to go tap, tap, and tap as quick as you can. Save the picnic has single and double player modes. Unlike other games, in the double player mode, both of the players play at the same time on the same screen. Whoever can kill more insects scores more, and is the winner. This is that you want from this game: -Made for kids up to 6 years -Different levels -A lot of different enemies attacking your picnic -Very addictive gameplay -Cute graphics for your kids to enjoy -Local achievements and scores -2 Players mode on the same device, double fun :) Let’s have a peaceful picnic for once, folks. Visit our website and enjoy with tips and info about this game :) See the video at youtube in

Save the Picnic

Save the Picnic

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