Sit&Go tournament poker timer, with tournament statistics, addition of rebuys/addons and funny sounds relating to the specific facts of the game. Displays the current blind, next blind, current level, number of total players, number of remaining players, number of rebuys/addons, number of total chips in play, average stack, total prize and prize distribution. You can set the number of total players, the number of initial chips per player, price of the buyin/rebuy/addon, number of prizes, level time and blind structure. Have fun playing poker launching a chicken sound when your opponent folds his hand, or launching a cough sound when your opponent makes a bluff; clap your opponent when he plays a good hand, or laugh when your opponent lost his hand. With Poker Timer Funny Sounds you can control the blinds time and have fun with the funny sounds you do to your opponents. Poker Timer Funny Sounds is available in catalan, spanish and english languages. Good luck!

Poker Timer Funny Sounds

Poker Timer Funny Sounds

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