With BOARD GAMES you can enjoy all-time games (Backgammon, Parchis, Snakes and Ladders,...) within your android, with an accurate design and playability.
There are many of options:
-Different AI levels (none tricks)
-Different variants
-Three different ways to select pieces
-Board zoom and auto zoom
-Different playing speeds for pieces and dice
Current boards available:
-Parchis (3, 4 and 6 players)
-Parchis 2 dice
-Snakes and Ladders( 59 and 90 squares)
-Goose's Game
There are a free version of Board Games.
In 'PRO' version there aren't ads and some more games.
Do you want 'Board Games' in your language? you can contribute to translate it or correct current translations, it will be very appreciated:

NOTE: Please, notify bugs, ideas... to
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Board Games Pro

Board Games Pro
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