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Shot the CANICA! A videogame of aim and accuracy over 100 stunning levels. *Designed ALSO for Tablets & HD devices **Multilanguage: English, Spanish & Catalan Soon in French, German, Italian and Portuguese The CANICA is an espectacular, different & challenging puzzle videogame. CANICA is the marble ball name in Mediterranean and Latin territories. Also It has something of minigolf, billiard, bobsleigh and Velocity types videogames, but with an incredibly simple and addictive gameplay. The highlight is that you and your marble -your CANICA from now on- are ONE. Your CANICA is much more than a common, indistinguishable and boring ball in the distance. The CANICA is close to you, and you can fully costumize and tune it in the FACTORY with loads of features like skins, textures, insides, trails... That's why we call it the CANICA. The better you’ll finish the levels, the more Canica-Coins you will achieve, which can be exchanged in the Factory for those wonderful items. In Addition you have a lot of elements to make it harder (and sometimes easier) to get the next level: Boosters, Electric Rays, Doors, Buttons, Teleports, Fires, Gravitational Fields, Pipes... and of course, could not miss The Classic Videogame Crate! You have 2 Versions: FREE: -60 generous levels -Ads -FACTORY: Some features to Tune the CANICA FULL: -Over 100 Challenging levels -No Ads -FACTORY: ALL the features (over 140) to exactly fit the CANICA with your Style, including the awesome PLANETARY System items


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