If you like to enjoy your phone while driving, this is your app!Car Station will be started simply putting your mobile at your car phone holder. It automate actions like switching on the bluetooth, the GPS, switching off your WiFi, and start apps like Spotify.

Tapping to your phone while driving is very dangerous. Car Station can hear you and do what you want! Simply whistle, and say what app do you want to start or who do you want to call. Start using your phone safely!

You can also customize the actions related to the buttons. For example, you can access your GMail simply pressing to your car brand logo. Or open your Phone Dialer tapping the circle button. You can also add more than one app to a single button. Just a long-click where you want to customize, and choose the app you want!

Car Station can also disable the Android keyguard when you have the phone in the car phone holder. Or mantain the screen on while the phone is in your car. These features doesn't have sense on a normal phone, but they are very special if you are driving!

This app works reading an NFC. You can purchase it at internet, at the computers store of your town, or use another NFC tag, like a writable ski forfait. If your phone doesn't have NFC, no problem. You can use it, but obviously, you'll have to start it manually ;·)

Join the car entertainment!

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Car Station - Car Dock Mode

Car Station - Car Dock Mode

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