Simple Shift Calendar (SaTurnos Free). Have you ever called the wrong turn or a classmate? Well it's over now Saturns have to organize your work shifts quickly and easily. Most ask of life ... NOTE ***: To import the shift from the previous version must select export shifts. Saturns Free From the menu select: Settings >> Security >> Import shift from Saturns (free) ****Features: - No Ads - Add a shift in one or multiple (selecting multiple days) - Add shift from a given sequence. - Add turn repeatedly. (Saturns Pro Only) - 3 shifts per day maximum - Selection of dates. - Configuration of shifts: edit, delete and add shifts. - Add notes to the shift - Add overtime shifts. (Only Saturns Pro) - Add date of start and end of turn, to calculate statistics - Warning System beginning of the turn. Go to not dawdle - Possibility of selecting a full month (Enable multiple selection) - Import and export all turn to sharing, for example, with their partners for them / thecontrolled / as. - Import from Saturns (Free Version) - And why not a simple widget ... - View calendar. - Side view. - Full statistics on the number of hours and number of shifts worked per month and year. - Allows to define the 3-letter code to turn this way can indicate, for example, where you work (eg, MUR-> Tomorrow Urgency). - Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Portuguese,Italian,Korean, Japanese and Russian . - Management of profiles (to have multiple calendars, eg own and co-worker): - Create profiles (only Saturns Pro) - Edit Profiles - Delete Profiles (Only Saturns Pro) - Export and import profiles to share shifts with colleagues. (Only Saturns Pro) - New monthly view of all the profiles, to fit with your classmates. - Export the calendar shifts to android sync with google calendar. (Only Saturns Pro) - Export statistics to xls format sdcard. (Only Saturns Pro) - To back up all profiles. (Only Saturns Pro) Tenemos Twitter: @mySaturnos Developer: @miquelcie Colaborador: David Díaz(@DayBDesign).

SaTurnos Free

SaTurnos Free

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