The easiest way to order a taxi. No calls, no registrations, in just 3 clicks Download the easiest app to get a taxi. No need to register. The app uses geolocation, so you only have to click 3 times and your taxi is already underway. We are connected with major cab companies and cities so that you always have your taxi as close as possible. You can book your taxi from the iPhone app, Android or the web The advantages of using by-Taxi: · Geolocation. · Book your taxi in just 3 clicks. · Easy interaction with the user. · Adaptation to cab companies. · Intuitive. · You can choose day and time. · Fully configurable. · Safe. · Fully free. · Management of taxis optimized. · Fast. · No call. · No waiting on the phone. · More than five years of experience in taxis world.

by-Taxi Passenger

by-Taxi Passenger

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