Application to make access to the Barcelona's public transport easier. TMB Virtual is an application developed by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona in order to make access to the city's public transport easier. Find the transport you need more quickly, plan your route and find out how much time until the next bus passes. Via mobile you can locate all of the bus stops, metro stations, trams and trains closest to you, and if you turn in a circle, you can find out in which direction and at what distance they are located. If you hold your mobile in the horizontal position, the arrows will lead you to the selected spot. TMB Virtual offers you the utility to find out at what time the next bus arrives (iBus), plan your route on public transport (I want to go to…) and its representation on the map, view any bus or metro route, download metro map in PDF and updated information on changes to the bus network. The application is available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

TMB Virtual
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TMB Virtual

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