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Quartsd15 is an app that transforms your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch in a clock that uses the Catalan traditional hour system.

This system born in the era of solar clocks is based on the quart unit that is a quarter of an hour and using as a reference the next hour. So for example 11:15 is un quart de dotze a quarter of twelve.

To be more precise another sub-unit the half quarter specifies times between quarters. So 11:22 is a quarter and a half of 12.

All the rest of hours are specified with Catalan expressions that approximate the time.

If you want to be able to use this traditional system of telling the time from Catalonia of if you´re learning Catalan Quartsd15 is your app.

Jose Luis Martin Mas


Mida: 0,39 MB
Versió: 1.5
Dispositiu: iPadMini iPhone4 iPadMini4G iPadFourthGen4G iPhone5 iPad23G iPodTouchFifthGen iPhone5c iPhone5s iPadThirdGen4G iPad2Wifi iPadThirdGen iPadFourthGen iPhone4S
Última actualització: 17/03/2011
Classificació: 4+

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